Coal Valley Vineyard is 5 hectares divided into three blocks, rolling down the hill with a north to north easterly sunny aspect.  Soils are a dark sandy loam overlaying clay with a triassic sandstone base.  Towards the bottom of the vineyard the soil is a richer jurassic dolerite - a distinctive Tasmanian igneous rock.  

The original Old Block has plantings of Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a very small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  The rest of the vineyard is mostly Pinot Noir which is the focus and proven performer at this site.  

Eight rows of Tempranillo grow at the bottom of the North Block and this fruit ripens well ahead of the Cabernet and a modest 3 barrels of this are produced annually.


Our Approach

A strong focus on sustainability and a hands on approach are important to us, guiding our vineyard and wine making practices.  All Coal Valley Vineyard wines are made from 100% single site estate grown fruit.  We hand prune our vines and hand pick the grapes and spend a lot of time in the growing months managing the canopy to reduce disease pressure and optimise fruit production.  



Our Passion

In the vineyard we hand prune and shoot thin each vine as we aim for perfection.  Our grapes are hand picked and we take great care tasting and sampling the grapes to ensure harvest is at the optimum time for flavours balanced with acids and sugar levels.

Our aim is to make great wines from our true cool climate site - wines that reflect the unique terroir of this place and enhance the varietal characteristics of each wine.